First International Bassoon Contest "Gustavo Núñez"

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The city of Montevideo will have the honor of hosting an instance of high level basssoon competition, bringing together bassoonists from all over the world, promoting musical movement, and advocating the importance of the presence of music in people´s cultural life, through the figure of one of the most important bassoonists in the world at this time, the compatriot Gustavo Núñez. This contest honors his career with great pride and affection. Through this instance, young talents who are developing their career as bassoonists are given a place to present themselves at a prestigious competition.


General conditions

Citizens from all over the world up to 30 years old at the time of registration can enroll for this contest.

All instances of competition will be open to the public and recorded (video and audio). The participants may have access them once the contest is over, if desired.

Sodre will provide the pianists throughout the contest.

The contestant must provide himself with everything he requires for his stay during the contest (stay, meals, personal and instrument insurance, internal transport, etc.). The contest will take place in the National Auditorium Dra. Adela Reta, in room 2 of the 6th floor, so it is recommended that the stay be in the vicinity.

All communication will take place through e-mail, in each of the instances of participation.

Contestants will be provided with a feedback at the end of the contest, as well as a resulting order of participation.



The contestant must fill in the registration form, which can be found here, in which you will be asked to provide the following documentation, scanned as clearly and legible as possible:

- C.I, D.N.I, or passport (document with which the participant plans to travel)

- recording for pre-selection.

The contestant must bring the original documentation with him at the time of accreditation.

1. Periods of registration

From Monday, April 1st to Friday, June 14th, until 8:00 pm: Reception of registrations with documentation, video and proof of payment.

Monday, July 1st : Notification of pre-selection results to each participant.

2. Pre-selection procedure

The contestant will be asked to present a video that will be added to Youtube, whose link will be provided in the online registration form. A quota of up to 10 participants will be pre-selected to participate in the following presence-based instances in Montevideo, Uruguay.

3. Registration fee

The amount of 100 US dollars must be deposited in the bank account of Banco de la República Oriental del Uruguay (BROU) dólares (U$S) Nº 00156036100032. This inscription covers the participation of the contest in all the stages as well as the access to Masterclasses, during that week.

This implies that the participants not selected in the first stage are warmly welcome to travel anyway and enjoy the Masterclasses in Montevideo, as active students or guest students. A schedule will be organized based on the number of confirmed active participants.

The participants selected to continue in the contest, if they wish, may or may not exercise this right.


The contest

All stages are eliminatory. A maximum of three candidates may be selected for the final round.

The order of participation in the presence-based instances will be decided by random draw.

1. First round (not presence-based)

The participant will be requested to send the following pieces through the Youtube link included in the registration form:

C. M. Von Weber: Andante e rondo ongarese, Op.35 (Universal Edition).

H. Villa-Lobos: Ciranda das sete notes, W325 (piano reduction).


2. Second round (presence-based) in Montevideo

To be held on August 7th in Dra. Adela Reta National Auditorium


First imposed piece, one to be chosen between:

A. Vivaldi
• Concert in La Menor RV 497.

• Concert in G minor, RV 495.
• Concert in G major, RV 492.

Editions allowed: Ricordi or Vita Musica


Second imposed piece:

J. Lamarque-Pons
Concertino de Verano (piano reduction)
(download it here)


Third imposed piece, one to be chosen between:

C. Saint-Saëns
• Bassoon Sonata, Op.168.

H. Dutilleux
• Sarabande et Cortege pour Basson et piano.


3. Final Round (presence-based)

W. A. ​​Mozart
• Concert for bassoon and orchestra, kv 191
Bärenreiter edition with cadences.


Once selected, no modifications are allowed in the selection of the pieces.


Accompanying pianist:

The accompanying pianists will be provided by Sodre with no charge for the contestant whatsoever. However, candidates may bring their own accompanists if they wish.

Each competitor will be entitled to 90 minutes of rehearsal, for the second round. The pianists provided will be randomly distributed at the moment in which the schedule of rehearsals and auditions is delivered, at the moment of the accreditation of the participants.

The piano tuning will be A = 442 Hz.



Mtro. Gustavo Núñez, President (Principal Bassoon, Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra / Uruguay).

Mtro. Esteban Falconi (ex- Principal Bassoon, Sodre Symphonic Orchestra; Co-principal Bassoon, Montevideo Philharmonic Orchestra)

Mtro. Diego Naser (Principal conductor of the Sodre Symphony Orchestra)



1st prize: 2000 dollars and a solo concert during the 2020 season accompanied by the Sodre Symphony Orchestra.

2nd prize: 1000 dollars and invitation to be part of a recital in the 2020 Music Chamber Season organized by Sodre.

 All prizes will be transferred through a bank account.

Any of them can be declared vacant.

Participants may receive feedback from the jury if they wish to.

All prizes will be awarded at a ceremony that will take place at the end of the last round. The winners will be required to receive their prize personally.

Deadlines and calendars

April 15th - Registration

June 14th - Registration Deadline Ends

July 1st - Pre-selected Press Release

August 6th - Masterclasses

August 7th - Second round (presence-based stage)

August 9th - Third round (presence-based stage)

August 9th - Awards Ceremony



During the entire competition, candidates are responsible for providing their own insurance for their instrument. In particular, candidates are advised to verify that their medical insurance is covered for their stay in Uruguay. Sodre disclaims any responsibility in case of accidents, theft or loss during the entire competition.




Miércoles, 29 Mayo, 2019